Buying Properties Outside of the United States Is a Growing Trend

Ever since the financial crisis gripped the US and affected the real estate industry, many people have been scared to invest in anything related to it. It is unfortunate, the facts are still clear that many do not want to invest inside the US when it comes to real estate, although it is also a fact that many still want to buy properties, just not within the mainland.

There are numerous Americans who have the money to invest, but they do not look within the US to do so. Instead they are looking at countries like Europe, Asia and others. They are really quite interested in what the European Union has to offer for many member countries have made it easier for outside investors to come in and bring in the money.

The countries in the EU are also in trouble when it comes to real estate. They too were great affected by the economic downturn that occurred more than three years ago. Their own real estate industry has been greatly affected and they need investors. Thankfully, the US dollar still has a good exchange rate and it is welcome in their countries. So in order to get those investors with US dollars in their pockets to come in and invest in their countries, they would do everything they could to make that investment possible. And if this means changing some of their laws regarding foreigners owning properties, then so be it.

Many of the American retirees looking for second homes or vacation homes by the sea are compelled to buy offshore rather than inland. For one thing, their money is worth more outside the country. Second, the properties are hard to resist. The view and ambiance is fantastic, the locality is exotic and the laws are easier.

They could just contact a real estate agent and a lawyer in that country where they want to purchase and the documents are taken care of. In fact, many of these agents and lawyers can be contacted online and could do the search for good properties for the investors. It is all part of the open arms policy that many EU countries have adopted.

The American investors can either treat their properties as second homes or they could act as landlords. Whatever the choice may be, it is a fact that they can buy better properties offshore. This means that they do not have to contend with high tax rates or other taxes involved in owning a property. Why? Well, because the rates are different and it is a plus that the dollar exchange value is still good.

Just take for example countries like Spain and Greece. They too are in an economic jumble but they made sure that investors would be welcomed and have successfully lured in many buyers of their properties. They have to for their own people are also in the same position as the Americans are in now. But because the value of the dollar is higher, the Americans can afford to buy. It is good to take advantage of this now for the tides may turn and it would get more expensive to buy these offshore properties.