Americans Prefer To Live In Eco-Friendly Homes – Would You?

If you are renting a property and it is not “GREEN” then you are missing out financially. According to a study commissioned by “the nation’s #1 internet listing site in the rental housing industry”, 86% of respondents would prefer to live in a “GREEN” home and more than half are willing to spend more money in order to obtain one.

Conducted on February 25th, 2010 released a nationwide survey that measured the attitudes of Americans towards green living. The survey showed that:

  1. 9 in 10 (86%) would prefer to live in an eco-friendly space.
  2. More than half (55%) are willing to pay more in rent in order to obtain a green rental.
  3. 3X as many renters vs. non-renters say living in an environmentally friendly home is absolutely necessary for them.
  4. 42% of respondents are willing to pay an extra $100 to live in a green apartment, while 13% will pay even more than that.

Looking at this information I wonder to myself if 86% of individuals would prefer to live in an eco-friendly space, then why is there not any real estate ads promoting eco-friendly homes. In short, I believe the definition of eco-friendly is not clear to the majority and they envision only certain aspects when they think of an eco-friendly home. One person might see solar panels while the next person may see an ultra modern space with chic furnishings. Ask a Canadian what an eco-friendly home is and a majority will tell you that it is a home that receives a “Home Energy Audit” from a “Certified Home Energy Advisor.” Unfortunately, Natural Resources Canada has only gotten half of the ball when they designed this program.

When looking for green homes, buyers are impressed by a combination of eco-friendly products and features that the home can offer. Buyers want to see homes with a living space that offers energy-saving appliances, properties that minimize car use/close to work, painted with VOC free paints and furnished with renewable products like bamboo or cork flooring.

With the demand of eco-friendly homes getting higher, we will start to see multiple listing services change their search criteria to include eco-friendly features. This insuring that you will be able to find that dream eco-friendly home of your choice.