Is Passive Income Just a Dream?

Your Dream of a Passive Income

Do you still dream? Do you think that a Passive Income is just a bad dream for you? You only received a certain small predetermined piece of the cake and you will always stay poor because of that. You can clearly see that there is not enough for everybody. You believe that money does not grow on trees; that it takes money to make money; that the higher the return, the higher the risk and you must study hard, get a good job, and work hard and you will be successful! It is much too risky to venture out of your comfort zone and you keep on re-affirming these words and therefore it will always be difficult to make money.

What Is a Passive Income?

  • What is “Passive Income”? It is income that is produced not by the constant labour of a person, but by the assets that belongs to that person. This is work that was done long ago and which keeps on generating an income without him doing anything more about it. It is a stream of income that just keeps on coming without further work.
  • You earn a passive income from royalties, franchise fees, employees or agents working for you and recurring income from investments.

Is it a Conspiracy?

Actually, the passive income streams that we will teach you here are age-old principles. It is Principles that countless number of people throughout history have applied to make them very wealthy. Andrew Carnegie said more than a century ago that: “Ninety percent of all millionaires became so through owning real estate.” And to this day there are many people still applying these principles and techniques to make a great deal of money.

Ironically, this knowledge is readily available today, but for some unknown reason it is still not being offered as a subject in any education system. Dolf de Roos speaks of the “conspiracy theory” in his book titled “Real Estate Riches” as if we are purposefully being kept in the dark by the major financial institutions.

Passive Income Streams

We would like to show you in these articles how you can realize your dreams to achieve a position in your life where you can stop working for money, but instead get the money to work for you! Contrary to the conventional approach to work for your money during your working lifetime and invest that in assets, we will show you a simple yet very effective method whereby you can earn passive income streams, working smart and not hard. And frankly, you would be thrilled to learn that you can make money without really having to “work” for it in the usual sense.

Generate a Passive Income with Buy-to-Let Properties

We sincerely hope to empower you through these series of articles, which will give you effective and valuable guidance so that you can secure a passive income stream through buy-to-let properties, releasing you from the necessity of “work.”

We will give you; through these articles all the information you need to build for yourself a passive income that will satisfy your needs and more.

We will teach you all the strategies that you need for a successful buy-to-let, residential property investment business:

· You will earn a passive income so that you can enjoy an early retirement

· You will be able to experience the joys of being a Asset-Owner versus an Income-Earner

· You will learn the power of gearing

· Escape the web of debt

Just Do It!

Unfortunately, regardless of what we want to teach you here, the majority of people reading these articles will stick with what they are doing now and not do anything about their financial problems. According to the Pareto principle eighty percent of people are so deeply entrenched in their way of living, beliefs and upbringing that they will do nothing to improve their circumstances. No matter how easy it can be!

That leaves twenty percent of the population that will in some way react to these teachings. Which one will you be part of? The twenty percent or the eighty percent!