Subject lines are very important

Many ads on the classifieds will never get viewed by real estate investors, so it’s important that your headline counts and that you attract as many real estate investors as possible. Make sure your headline is in bold font and only use 6 characters at the most and short words.

Here’s some examples:

Seller is Motivated!


Fixer Upper must go

Seller Inherited Property

Remember people will search using certain keywords and you will want to make sure that you are in their searches by using keywords in your subject line that will draw them to your ad, and please don’t be BORING. If your headline is boring and doesn’t excite anyone then who’s really going to click on your ad?

Use a phone number and your E-MAIL

Leaving your phone number and e-mail address on your ads is a most. If you don’t want a bunch of emails sent to your personal email account I recommend setting up a gmail account and if you don’t want to get calls directly to your personal cell phone I would also recommend that you set up a Free Google Voice Account. You will find that the real estate investors who actually call you directly are seasoned and active buyers in your marketplace; especially if you have a deal that’s priced right. Having a conversation over the phone with your potential end buyer will enable you to build rapport with them instantly and also allows you to screen the seriousness of the buyer by pre-qualifying them over the phone.

Describing your Deal

Many property sellers just put their contact information in with bullet points for the ad. This can be fatal, as it does not provide an incentive for buyers to contact you. Contrast a bullet-pointed ad with one that uses more colorful language. Simple bullet-points:

– Four bedrooms

– Two bathrooms

– Kitchen Living room

Colorful descriptions:

“This four-bedroom house with two bathrooms has a lot of potential. 10K in Repairs will Give you a PERFECT *BUY AND HOLD INVESTMENT*… Bring in $1200.00 a MONTH CASH FLOW!.”

Rinse and Repeat & Push Over Boundaries, Go Above and Beyond

One of the disadvantages of free sites is that after a few days, your a d will become buried under the pile of other free ads. The best strategy is to continue to post your ad every day to keep it current and regular on the site. Use different strategies to sell your house. Land lords looking for renters are going to be in the “rentals” section. It wouldn’t hurt to advertise there as well! Or you can look for ads with people “looking to buy a house”. Send these people links and double your results.