How to Prep When Moving in With Roommates

Like it or not, moving to your own place can be expensive. Splitting the cost just a bit between a roommate or two can help quite a bit, but there are precautions to take and be aware of when moving in with roommates.

Food. Deciding whether food will be shared or left to each person to purchase on their own is something that should be discussed and established prior to moving in. I recommend assigning each person a cupboard and area in the fridge and freezer to keep each person’s food. It should simply be agreed upon between each roommate that they are not to touch another person’s food supply. It may be logical, though, to share baking supplies such as flour, sugar, oil, etc. Once something has been cooked, it will be up to the cook to clean the dishes they’ve dirtied.

Cleaning. Along with cleaning dishes after making a meal or baking, it’s a good idea to set ground rules for cleanliness in your new home. For serious cleaners, a calendar can help keep each person responsible for cleaning the apartment/dorm every few days, or to assign each person an area of the space to keep clean for the week. I’ve found that keeping community areas clean (kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom) are easy enough. If a room is particularly messy, the owner of the room should shut their door when exiting so their other roommates won’t have to look at it.

Budget. This is an important factor to keep in mind when moving in with roommates especially. Each person living in the unit is responsible for their own part of rent – period. Borrowing money from other roommates should not be allowed, or even thought about. If one person cannot afford to move into an apartment or dorm, they should not have moved to begin with. Do not leave it up to your roommates to figure out your financial situation – determine this before you even consider moving in.

Pets. If you have a cat, dog or other pet you’d like to bring with you to your new place, make sure you clear it with your roommates. Allergies can run high with animal fur, and you wouldn’t want to cause any of your new housemates harm. Check and make sure they’re all okay with your pet.

These can be quick and easy ways to ease the pain of moving in with a roommate just a bit. Visit the link for more great ideas and tips for moving or Daytona Beach movers.