Doorman And Non-Doorman Buildings – Advantages And Disadvantages

For some people looking for an apartment, having a doorman is a luxury while some consider it a necessity. The services offered by a doorman have its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the preference of a person.

Buildings with doorman usually cost higher than non-doorman buildings. This is because having them is considered an added layer of security.

It is also easier to resell units in a building with doorman than those without. Buyers usually consider security as a top priority when choosing an apartment, especially in crowded urban areas.

Part of a doorman’s job is to know and be familiar with the schedules of the residents of the building. While some may find this idea comforting, some are bothered by it and even consider it almost an invasion of privacy.

Doormen provide additional security to residents as they can check and screen non-residents before letting them in on the building, as opposed to non-doorman buildings where people can easily come and go. Because of this, robbery and other possible crimes can be reduced and avoided.

Doormen can also provide convenience as they can receive package deliveries, hail cabs, or even supervise repairs for residents who our out of their homes. Doormen make life easier for busy people.

However, if you have a well secured unit and consider answering doors a no-fuss duty, you can do away without having a doorman and save a couple of bucks on the dues. Not to mention the tips to be given out during the holidays.

It all comes down to preference, whether one is willing to pay for the convenience and assurance of having a doorman, or to use the doorman bills and pay for electronic home security devices instead and save on dues in the long run. Weight your pros and cons before making your choice.